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About Centreline Martial Arts




The curriculum at Centreline Martial Arts is based around Wing Chun Kung Fu. This practical and simple system is excellent for beginners wishing to learn to defend themselves, or for experienced martial artists to further refine their skills.


Wing Chun is a Southern Chinese boxing system which relies on rapid and aggressive counter-attacking. Defences utilise punches, kicks, elbows, knees, joint-locking and throws. Economy of motion is a crucial aspect of the art, with interception and deflection of the attack preferred to simple blocking.


Complementary techniques from other combat systems are taught in order to develop well rounded trainees. In particular the Filipino martial arts will form part of your progress, after a solid grounding in Wing Chun is in place.


Centreline Martial Arts instructors and students are insured through the AMA (Amateur Martial Association, UK).


N.B. Tuition is only available to over 16s.





Mook Yan Jong


(aka the dummy)